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Aim of the paper is to study destructive behaviors of students in the Tehran city. Vandalism is a social phenomenon; and vandals deliberately deface property of others; that result in harmful consequences. This paper aimed at determining some social factors influencing on destruction of public properties by students. Therefore, to answer the problem of the research, one combined different theoretical approaches, including: Hirsch’ssocial control theory, Merton’s anomie and Seaman’s alienation. Here, survey used as research method. The respondents consist of 407 students of middle school and high school. Self-reporting and structured questionnaire used for data collection. The Findings showed that 15.7 percent of student committed destructive behaviors highly and very highly. The research variables explain 24 percent of variance of destructive behaviors. Two main variables of the research including social control and alienation impacted destructive behaviors respectively -0.30 and 0.31.
Keywords : vandalism, social control, alienation, failure, social prestige
The objective of the study is to identify and to rate attitudes and influencing factors on student protests in the University of ShahidBeheshti. One used descriptive methodology and survey; and through convenience sampling, 223 students selected to fill out a 24 items questionnaire regarding students’ protests and revolts. Findings show that, as students perceive that others disregard their rights or insult them, they are entitled to protest practically (more than lack of services quality, scientific issues, discrimination, low score and political issues). The articulate their protest in terms of expression of dissatisfaction to one of their friends or their professors. Furthermore, students who are male, undergraduate and are studying at technical field of studies are expected to demonstrate more protest behavior. The Findings can be used for programming at level of higher education.
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Keywords : protest,student, ShahidBeheshti University, Attitude ، ،
Beggary as one of the most prominent social pathologies more or less can be seen in all societies. The Reasons that lead to importance of beggary in social policy-making is not only the phenomenon per se, but also consequences such as development of individual and social pathologies, insecurity of social space, social injustice and loss of social forces. According to previous data, following drug addiction, beggary is second most important social pathology. So, it is a great importance to understand its different dimensions and also propose solutions regarding policy-making. Therefore, aim of the paper is to study beggary in Tehran and introducing relevant social policy. The research methods include document-based and writing scenarios. Here, we analyzed, based on previous studies and available statistics and information, reasons and influencing factors, activities of authorities, and finally urban management’s programs. Finally, here two scenarios has been introduced, by reviewing recent and previous policies, in terms of beggary; and also applying grand theoretical approaches of conflict and consensus, we proposed idealist and pragmatist scenarios. Pragmatist scenario, in terms of consensus theories, focuses on individual and micro in the beggary formation and idealist scenario argues that inequalities and macro structures are engage in beggary.
Keywords : socialpolicy, beggary, Tehran
Premarital sexual relations are experiencing transformation all over the world. Researches show that in recent years dominant sexual patterns changed in Iranian Society too; that it can result of social, familial and individual factors. The research is based on grounded theory, and the sample include 10 respondents, who experienced friendship with an opposite sex partner. In the study, one identified four main patterns of sexual relations formation before marriage, which include: traditional friendship, romantic pre-marital sexual relation, pre-marital sexual relation based on liquid love and deceitful pre-marital sexual relation. The Findings show that traditional friendship is based on minimum bodily touch; this pattern has been seen among women who are more religious and committed to traditional sexual values. Romantic sexual relation is a kind of friendship that consists of sexual and affective content simultaneously. Influencing factors in recent pattern include mutual fascination and relative understanding of religion. Main elements of liquid love consist of relativism of love, variety of sexual partners, sexual pleasure and superficiality of sexual relations. Initial conditions of formation of this type of sexual relation are sexual upbringing during childhood and the quality of parents’ relationship. Deceitful pre-marital sexual relation is result of discord, cheat and failure in previous love affair. The objective of recent sexual relation is revenge.
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Keywords : reasons of sexual relation with opposite sex, patterns of pre-marital sexual relations, liquid love, deceitful sexual relations, romantic sexual relation ، ،
The aim of the study was sociological explanation of attitude toward drugs in addicted persons undergoing MMT and evaluating the validity for attitude toward drug scale in addicted persons. The main research question is that whether the presence of MMT impacts on attitudes toward drug addicted persons undergoing MMT? Here, research method is survey and data collection was based on questionnaire. The population consists of all drug users went to 11 methadone maintenance center in thecitiesBabolsarandFereydoonkenar in the spring 2002. A total of 405 respondents selected by stratified random sampling, proportional to size. Research findings suggest that 41.5 percent of respondents had a negative attitude to drugs. Factor analysis also showed that the attitude scale to drugs loaded under three factors: emotional, behavioral and cognitive. These are the most important factors put together. In a way that none of these statements have a common factor loading on two other factors. The results showed that the belief and participation in treatment were the strongest variables influencing the attitude to drug in addicts.
Keywords : addictive, attitude to drugs, methadone maintenance treatment, presence in the treatment process, the validity of scale

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